Root Rescue Transplanter - Feed your Soil

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Supercharge your organic farm or garden by planting with Root Rescue, which helps restore your gardens' soil food web by introducing beneficial fungi to support root effectiveness in feeding your plants.   

What is Root Rescue?

A Wettable Powder recommended for use on all: Deciduous Trees, Conifers, Shrubs, Evergreens, Perennials, Annuals and Food Crops. Mycorrhizal Fungi form a symbiosis with plant roots, naturally increasing the host plant’s access to soil water and nutrients.

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 What does it contain?

  • 9 Species of Endomychorrhizal Fungi, including various Glomus spp., Giaspora spp.
  • 9 Species of Ectomychorrhizal Fungi, including various Rhizopogon spp., Lacaria spp., Suillus spp.
  • Kelp extract
  • Humate (Leonardite/Humalite)




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