Meres Scorzonera (Black Salsify) Edible Perennial Seeds

Days to maturity - 125+ Days

Package Contains - 150 to 200 Seeds

Scorzonera, also called salsify, this Italian heirloom is a deep-rooted perennial cultivated for its dark-coloured root, which tastes like oysters! In the sunflower family, it is a decorative plant attractive to pollinators with its tall cheerful yellow blooms.

These seeds are an improved blackrooted salsify for refined scorzonera production. They also have good bolt resistance and uniformity.

Edible Roots are 9-14”x ¾” long, smooth, cylindrical roots with intense black colour.   Plants have tolerance against soft top and mildew and will not produce oversized roots.

Black salsify tastes nice and mild, quite similar to artichokes if eaten with butter. Taste-wise, it's not as distinct as parsnip or celeriac. It's much more subtle and you can use it in many different types of dishes.



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