Arachis hypogea

Garoy Valencia Peanut - Certified Organic Seeds

Days to maturity - 125-140

Package Contains -

Grow your own peanut butter from your very own peanut plants this season!

The Garoy is a peanut bred for Ontario's farmers and gardeners - with early maturity and better tolerance of cool weather in Spring as compared to more southern varieties.

These peanuts can be eaten raw, boiled, roasted or ground to make an all natural peanut butter.

For fresh boiled peanuts, harvest when most kernels are filled. Pull or dig whole plants with nuts attached.

For dry peanuts, harvest when leaves begin to yellow, or after first frost. Hang bunches to dry in a well ventilated location, or spread in a single layer with a fan.

Product Notes:

- Weights include shell - shells protect the seeds until they are ready to be planted.  Approximate number of Seeds are listed.    Weights are slightly over to account for possibility of receiving underdeveloped kernals.

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Produced by Sunny Island Farm Pelee Island/ Kingsville Ontario.

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