Solanum tuberosum

Annabelle Potato Seed - Ontario, Heirloom Early Seed Potatoes

Days to maturity - 70 to 90 Days, early season

Package Contains - 3 lbs

Annabelle non-GMO potatoes are a mostly uniform medium sized potato. They have firm golden yellow flesh with a fine grain and a sweet earthy flavour. This potato was marketed as a family potato in Germany and is considered a staple for the self-sufficient gardener.

This variety of seed potato is popular in the home garden because they are fast and easy to grow, produce high yields, and are disease resistant. Each plant will produce around 36 potatoes (4 lbs).

These potatoes are resistant to cooking making them perfect for steaming, making salads or French fries and are a favourite choice for chefs due to their sweet, nutty flavours and their savory quality in culinary dishes.

Annabelle potatoes are also a nutritious choice providing fiber, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, B6, manganese and folate to the meal.

These potatoes are produced using Integrated Pest Management and Natural Farming Methods.

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