Solanum tuberosum

Adirondack Blue Potato Seed - Ontario, Heirloom Seed Potatoes

Days to maturity - 90-100 mid season

Package Contains - 3 Pounds

Adirondack Blue Potato is an eye-catching blue skinned and blue fleshed non-gmo, heirloom potato

The flesh is very flavourful and maintains its colour after cooking and is sure to enhance your culinary experience. This Adirondack Blue is a great choice for boiling, baking, mashing or making potato salads which is a pleasing addition to any meal.

Planting this blue potato provides the homestead with nutrients, calories and protein and are packed with antioxidants that can lower the risks of heart and certain neurological diseases.

Adirondack Blue Potato are mid season Potatoes that need to be mounded and best grown in the ground.

These potatoes are locally grown and are shipped from Midland, Ontario to Canada wide locations.

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