Homestead Gardening

We are proud to base our stores offering around the top homestead fruits and vegetables you can grow to help your family or community thrive this growing season!

What is homestead gardening exactly?   

Its gardening as though our gardens are required because we require the nutrients and calories to survive.

0.  Combination of Can be grown in cool seasons (with some frosts) as well as hot seasons (no frost, during the hot summer months

1.  Nutrient profile is important as well as: High yield, easy to grow

2.  Ability to process to shelf stable -



Often proteins and carbohydrates are often overlooked because we have depended on the global food system for our staples: such as wheat, soy, rice, corn etc.   In a homestead garden, growing potatoes or the native plant equivalent sunchokes (helianthus tuberosa).

Beans and Peas provide protein and help the soil

Squashes are wonderful because they ramble and can suppress other plants or be grown vertically in the city.  They are great for storage