Growing Radishes - Benefits and Instructions


Benefits of Growing Radishes

  • Fast Growth/ Small Spaces - Radishes only take 30-40 days from the time they are planted to be fully mature. Radishes require very little space to grow well, making them ideal for container gardens or squeezing into garden beds.
  • Medicinal -Radishes are a natural antifungal agent. Radish juice contains enzymes that kill Candida albicans a common fungus normally found in humans that can cause yeast infections.
  • Nutritional Profile - Vitamin C, fiber, copper, manganese, vitamin B6, and potassium
  • Use in: Fresh salads, sandwiches, pickled, roasted, dipped in salt and butter!
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Growing Instructions 


Sun Exposure: Choose a full sun location. 
Soil:  Soil pH of 6.0-7.0. Extremely light feeders; no special soil preparation is required.
Moisture: Sufficient water is essential as the faster the radish, the better the flavour. 
Planting: Radishes can be grown all season but they’re easiest when sown March/April and again August through October. Optimal soil temperature: 18-24°C. Seeds should sprout in 5-7 days. Thin to 6-12 plants per 12”. Make successive sowings every 5-7 days to keep a constant supply of fresh radish all season.
Spacing:   Plant 12-16 radishes per square foot of growing space using Square Foot Gardening Method.  Or plant in rows 12-18 inches apart.
Sow seeds: Sow seeds 1⁄2” apart and 1⁄4” deep.  



Harvest as soon as roots reach a desired size, 20-25 days or when the radishes are the size of a large marble. Every part of the radish is edible. If you leave some of your radishes to go to seed, you’ll find the pods before seed set are tender and juicy with a wonderfully sharp flavour that is excellent in stir-fries and soups. 


At room temperature place unwashed, untrimmed radishes in a bowl. Arrange them so the leaves are pointed upward. Partially submerge the radishes in cold water. The water should cover about an inch bulb, but the leaves should remain dry. Change the water daily until the leaves begin to droop. Once the leaves show signs of wilting, either cook your radishes immediately or move them to the fridge


Lettuce, bean, beet, carrot, parsnip, pea, spinach. Radish improves the flavour of lettuce.

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