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Reasons you Should be Growing Peanuts

Good For you

Peanuts are a super healthy food, rich in protein, fibre, energy, vitamins, minerals and other good things too numerous to list. You can feel good about snacking when the snack is peanuts!

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Great for your Garden

Peanuts are are legumes which means they improve the soil by pulling nitrogen from the air into the soil. 
They make a great companion plant to potatoes

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Peanuts give you a great yield per plant for the space.   Once dried, the peanuts can be stored for months in the right condition.

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Peanuts are great for the planet too. A mouthful of peanut protein consumes far less land, water, energy, fertilizer etc than a mouthful of animal protein. Peanuts are legumes (like beans), so they get their nitrogen from the air, not from a fertilizer factory that burns fossil fuels.