Who we are - a seed store manifesto

We are a new business local to Midland/Tay/Tiny Ontario launched on February 22, 2022. 

seed heart hand

We also have ties to growing communities in Toronto and Halton/Hamilton Regions.

Our group consists of urban and rural ecological growers and chefs who are working towards food sovereignty by growing and preserving as much food as we can in concert with people in our communities.   

Join us!

Recent events have shown us the need to get back to our gardens with a resolve to over-grow the problems in the world by growing sustenance to be self sufficient, healthy and happy   

Growing in our gardens and the sharing that is involved is a great way to mend fences - to make connections with those we don't normally connect with...   

Let us participate in the of gardening in the community - as we link our gardens to forge a new reality based on the fellowship of the soil.

  • We hope that we can supply you with seeds that will help you have the best growing season to date. 
  • We hope to get to know you better to help support your growing season along the way with information, offers, community events and services.

The seeds you see here are seeds we are growing in our own gardens as well!

We hope that your visit to our site can be the start of a bountiful journey of gardening abundance.

Happy Growing !

Jenny, Andrew and Ev.